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Behavioral Exchange Game


  • Allows teachers to assign point values to behaviors and classroom trigger points for easy and efficient management.
  • Create a school-wide reward system or allow each teacher to set rewards for different levels of achievement.
  • Achieve a higher level of classroom management with daily tracking capability and monthly classroom reports.


  • Set consequences or reinforcement for low point amounts and receive notification when a student’s account has dropped below set trigger points.
  • Each teacher can build behaviors and assign consequences based on classroom standards or education type.
  • Transfer, add, or take away points through interactive icons that can be set per class needs.


  • Project a Game Screen in the classroom to show behavioral leaderboards with checking and savings earnings.
  • Recapitulate student behavior with weekly statements that generate account additions, deductions, and transfers that occurred the previous week.
  • Capture data and track small events that lead to larger infractions with a behavioral exchange that is easy for teachers and fun for students.