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Elementary Interventions


  • ABE Interventions introduce behavioral correction through interactive quizzes, games, and videos featuring students acting through real situations.
  • All module material is read aloud for students.
  • Animated narrators, Abe and Penny, teach effective problem solving tactics to prevent infraction recurrence.


  • Each student receives personalized modules that are automatically assigned based on over 50 targeted behaviors, such as bossiness, arguing, or dishonesty.
  • With ABE, teachers can alleviate loss of teaching time due to disciplinary issues while still addressing negative behavior in the classroom.
  • Modules are not only offense oriented, but are also age appropriate and modifiable based on individual student maturity.


  • Aligning with RtI Behavior and Tiered Interventions, modules are based on proven research methods and evidence based practices.
  • Alongside the Progress Monitoring tool, using ABE displays utilization of positive reinforcement necessary for PBIS schools.
  • Parent Portals allow guardians to view Referral documentation or reasoning for an assigned Intervention and track student progress.