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  • By pinpointing prevalent behaviors and graphing supporting data, ABE documents crucial behavioral patterns necessary for targeting influential variables.
  • Printable assessment summaries and graphs can be accessed during or after FBA completion, providing flexibility and improvement tracking capabilities necessary for creating successful Behavioral Improvement Plans.
  • Illuminate the details with automatically complied graphs including subject breakdowns, student reactions, and behavioral antecedents.


  • Our icon driven system allows observers to complete a detailed FBA in minutes on a laptop, desktop, or iPad.
  • Recorded FBA information, including notes and interviews, can be presented in a compact observation history or a detailed assessment summary.
  • With the option to have more than one observer, data can be captured and shared by BIP teams and administration.


  • Because a successful FBA is built around details, ABE is designed to target maladaptive behaviors by documenting crucial environmental variables such as instructors, antecedents, and contexts.
  • Observers can choose to receive emails or desktop reminders listing students under their daily-targeted FBA observations.