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Middle/High School Interventions


  • Alongside vocabulary and interactive quizzes, Interventions feature students sharing real life experiences such as consequences and rewards of past decisions.
  • ABE is the first and only software that delivers personalized modules directly to the student with the click of a mouse.
  • Save time and money by engaging students in a simple, paperless system that any staff member can use.


  • Modules are not only offense oriented, but are also age appropriate and modifiable based on individual student maturity.
  • Each student receives personalized modules that are automatically assigned based on over 50 targeted behaviors such as fighting, substance abuse, or disrespect.
  • When a student fails to pass a module or answers a number of questions abnormally, automatic notifications are sent alerting teachers to review testing information.


  • During Interventions, students are given a staff-viewable Behavioral Assessment Test that uses weighted questions to reveal behavioral patterns and influential variables outside of school.
  • Shout Back Labs give students a voice while giving teachers and administration insight on student motives, remorse, and behavior.
  • Parent Portals allow guardians to view Referral documentation or reasoning for an assigned Intervention and track student progress.