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  • Our paperless system keeps Referrals, Interventions, FBA, and Notes connected to the student by keeping essential files organized and easily accessible.
  • Referrals seamlessly align with specialized ABE Interventions based on student infraction details and previous incidents.
  • With our Notes tool, instructors can track and print minor infractions to create sample documentation for parent conferences and meetings.


  • ABE gives you the option to send prepopulated email notifications containing detailed referral information to involved staff such as counselors or mentors.
  • Automatic SMS messages can be sent to a primary disciplinary administrator when a student commits a major infraction or is sent to the office alone.
  • Referral creators can choose to receive email notifications containing implemented disciplines after the Referral has been processed.


  • Through the ABE Referral system, crucial data is captured on individual students and automatically transferred into printable graphs that provide school administrators with insight on school-wide Referral patterns.
  • Data can be separated and displayed to show district, school, or classroom information for a more focused analysis.
  • Automatically compiled graphs intelligently pull information to break down accurate data in categories that matter such as number of referrals by subject, significance, infraction, or ethnicity.