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RTI Alignment

RtI Tier 1
Universal interventions

  • The Behavior Exchange enforces and supports Tier 1 by teaching rules, consequences, and positive behavior.
  • Collect and analyze classroom data by viewing student report cards weekly and classroom report cards monthly.

RtI Tier 2
Small group or individual evidence-based interventions

  • ABE Interventions are evidence-based and contain screening tools, such as the behavioral assessment test (BAT), for a targeted approach.
  • Data on small groups of students can be tracked and collected by using My Classes.
  • Critical BAT results are flagged for review based on weighted behavioral questions.
  • Progress monitoring can be completed through online tracking of module test scores, mentor tracking, and the number of office discipline referrals.

RtI Tier 3
Individualized and intensive interventions

  • Printable BAT, quizzes, and open-ended questions provide topics for outlining individualized mentoring sessions.
  • Use our FBA capture tool for an in-depth analysis.
  • If Tier 3 Interventions are needed, create a BIP through ABE based on data captured through our FBA tool.